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It's HOT! Outdoor hot weather tips from Leslie

Leslie Chow

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Hot weather tips from Leslie Chow, founder and designer at Iconic Sport 1. If you can, avoid being outside at peak UV and heat times i.e. 10 AM - 4PM. 2. If you are really hot, a fast way to cool your core temperature is to cool the palms of your hands - by holding a cup of icewater or something moderately cold in both hands - some studies report that this also has the benefit of delaying fatigue.  (both your palms and soles of the feet have a lot of surface blood flow which helps regulate body temperature.  Soles...

Iconic Leg Coolers & Leg Warmers revealed in GottaGoGolf online mag

Leslie Chow

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The Accessory That Belongs in Every Women's Golf Wardrobe

WASN'T IT Joe Namath who discovered the warming properties of pantyhose? Well, the Iconic Sport model at right is wearing the contemporary leg warmer for women who play golf -- not pantyhose, not tights, but leggings.

You can find fashion leggings everywhere, and have fun with pairing them with skorts and even dresses for the golf course. And if you want function with your fashion, the golf apparel companies are using fabrics that cool, that warm, that move. Check out the GottaGoGolf tips for wearing leggings on the course.