It's HOT! Outdoor hot weather tips from Leslie

Leslie Chow

Hot weather tips from Leslie Chow, founder and designer at Iconic Sport

1. If you can, avoid being outside at peak UV and heat times i.e. 10 AM - 4PM.

2. If you are really hot, a fast way to cool your core temperature is to cool the palms of your hands - by holding a cup of icewater or something moderately cold in both hands - some studies report that this also has the benefit of delaying fatigue.  (both your palms and soles of the feet have a lot of surface blood flow which helps regulate body temperature.  Soles of the feet would work as well but not as conveniently!)  do a web search for background studies at Stanford and other locations.

3. Keep cool and hydrated with cool or ice water in insulated water bottles and refill at the turn— check that pee color is light to make sure you're drinking enough. I’m a fan of Hydro flask bottles, both because they really keep things cool (or hot), have a lifetime warranty and also donate 5% of net profit to charities of customers’ choice.

4. Wear lightweight, breathable, wicking UV protective clothing- preferably UPF 50+ and preferably from Iconic Sport! If you wear our iconic sport sun sleeves or leg coolers, the lightweight fabric and wicking will help keep you cool - but you can also dunk or spray your you arm (in sun sleeve) or leg (in legging) in cold water for a blast of evaporative cooling without losing UVA and UVB radiation protection. Dries in 15 min or less depending on heat level.  You could do that with our clothing too but you’d have the wet T shirt contest look!

5. Protect your non-covered skin! Pick an effective and non-toxic sunscreen and apply amply and frequently (at least every 90 minutes, more if you are sweating…) Non-profit Environmental Working Group  rates thousands of US sunscreens to help you chose.

6. Wear a hat with good brim width/coverage and good airflow…! I like Wallaroo hats because they are UPF 50+, have a variety of (attractive) styles and importantly, have an inside adjustable drawstring so the hats fit! Dolly Mama Designs has fun large-brim visors with bling for visor wearers.

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